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Family Law Attorney

Certified Guardian ad Litem and Family Law Mediator

Practice Areas

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Family Law

  • dissolution of marriage
  • prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • complex equitable distribution
  • child custody and timesharing
  • alimony and child support
  • paternity
  • judgement modifications & enforcement
  • same-sex couples issues
  • enforcement and contempt issues
  • grandparent custody
  • stepparent adoption
Mediation icon


  • family conflicts
  • dissolution of marriage
  • alimony
  • asset distribution
  • children’s issues & child support
  • mental health concerns
  • modifications of judgments
  • paternity
Collaborative Family Law icon

Collaborative Family Law

  • an alternative to litigation
  • focusing on mutual positive outcomes
  • privacy
  • cooperation on experts
  • convenience
  • reduce conflict
  • respectful co-parenting
  • preservation of funds and assets
Child Advocacy Icon

Child Advocacy

  • Guardian ad Litem
  • Attorney ad Litem
Mental Health Law icon

Mental Health Law

  • Marchman Act (Cases involving the involuntary assessment and treatment for abuse of drugs or alcohol)
  • Baker Act (Cases involving involuntary examination and treatment for mental illness)
  • Guardian Advocate (Cases involving the review and authorization of treatment for those involuntarily committed for mental health treatment)

The practice of law is meaningful, stimulating, and fulfilling. I significantly affect the lives of many people, help people through their most difficult times, and sometimes their most joyful times. The experience of being a lawyer opens many doors, and gives me a world of opportunities. I am very thankful and grateful for the chance to serve as a lawyer.

Thank you …. Joy A. Bartmon

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