Certified Family Mediator | Joy A. Bartmon, Esq., P.A.
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Mediation is a confidential, informal and nonadversarial process with the objective of helping people in conflict to reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary agreement. A certified mediator is a trained neutral third person who encourages and facilitates the resolution of a dispute. The role of the mediator is to assist the parties to identify issues, foster joint problem-solving, and explore settlement alternatives.

Here is what I bring as a Family Law Mediator:

  • Certified by the Florida Supreme Court to mediate family law cases.
  • 40 years as a practicing attorney in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties (1980-present). In Palm Beach County since 1987.
  • 25+ years practicing mainly family law, child advocacy (guardian ad litem/attorney ad litem), and mental health law (1989-present).
  • 5+ years in a firm practicing mainly business, tax, and pension, (transactional and litigation)(1981-1986). I understand complex business and tax issues in Family Law matters.
  • 5 years in Inns of Court and 6 years on a Florida Bar Grievance Committee. I am committed to ethical and civil conduct.
  • Certified Guardian ad Litem since 1987. Trained in Family Court practice. Specialized training in sexual abuse protocols. I have been involved in hundreds of GAL cases as either a GAL, pro bono attorney or supervising attorney, and have been a GAL to dozens of children in family division cases.
  • Trained and experienced in Collaborative Family Law.
  • Reasonable hourly rates. I accept payment by cash, check, credit card, and ACH transfer.