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New Clients Evaluation for New Family Lawyers

How do you, the new or new-ish, family law attorney, evaluate new clients? Every family law attorney will come across potential new clients who are mentally or emotionally unwell. It is not necessary to turn away all of these new clients. Some will be wonderful people... read more

Tips for the Child Custody Mediator

When parents come to mediation to settle issues related to child custody (parental responsibility and timesharing), the experience and demeanor of the mediator is a key component. There are many do’s and don’t’s for the mediator. I believe these four tips are very... read more

Hallway Settlement Tips for Domestic Violence Injunctions

The lawyer who settles a domestic violence injunction case at or during the hearing on the petition must be prepared, professional, and very skilled.  Often, a domestic violence injunction (DVI) case will settle in the hallway just before the hearing is about to... read more

Stress is a Narcissist: Lawyers Can Have Wellness

Stress is a narcissist. It takes what it wants from you. It cares only about perpetuating itself. It is zealous of your time and attention. It changes you until you cannot recognize or find yourself. This kind of toxic stress is the enemy of your happiness, of your... read more