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Baker Act Foul Play

As part of my family law practice, I represent people in Baker Act and Marchman Act proceedings. Sometimes people are not treated right in these actions. The Baker Act is to order people into treatment for mental illness. The Marchman Act is to order people into... read more

Boilerplate Production Requests

In family law cases in Florida the parties are subject to “Mandatory Disclosure” of records and documents.  Mandatory disclosure is sufficient for some cases. For some cases the mandatory disclosure does not go back far enough in time, or leaves out documents that are... read more

Borderline Personality, Family Law Reality

As a family lawyer, Guardian ad Litem, and mediator, learning about personality disorders is extremely important. For those of us dealing with the aftermath of conflict, which includes divorce and poor child welfare outcomes, it is inherent in our work. I have had a... read more

Personality Cons Are Pros Practicing Law

In practicing law, a personality being “good” or “difficult” is a matter of my perspective and my creativity. Much of the course of a case depends on whether I choose to see some traits as negative, or all traits as resources. For example, in a... read more