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Custody Criteria; Legislative Blunders

Kids matter.  The legislature has not put them first in Family Division cases dealing with parental responsibility and timesharing. The criteria are general without sufficient status in the hierarchy of provisions and without any funding to back up the mandate given... read more

“Splitting” Lawyers Between All Good All Bad

“Splitting” is conduct or thoughts by a person who sees everyone and every situation as either all good  or all bad  and lawyers deal with these personalities in their day to day practice. According to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic &... read more

Grandparents Rights and Family Custody

Grandparents often ask me for help to get custody of their grandchildren. They invoke “grandparents rights” and believe they have the right to custody of a grandchild.  Usually, the circumstances are sad. The question comes up because a grandchild’s mother... read more

Guardian ad Litem in Family Law, 5 Questions

In Family Division custody matters in Florida, I have been appointed many times to be a Guardian ad Litem, the child’s voice and advocate for the child’s best interests.  I have been a Guardian ad Litem since 1987.  While I enjoy being a Family Law attorney, there is... read more

Divorce, the “MVP” Solution to the Muddy Middle

Many articles and blogs cover how to avoid divorce, planning for divorce and what to do after a divorce. I want to give you some tips for what to do during a divorce and it comes down to “MVP”. You will be your own Most Valuable Player by following this... read more